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July 23, 2003



wakayama is my hero he made the best fims ever


Hya Terri, great to see a site dedicated to Wakayama-san. I have a kind of fascination with this guy as well. Do you know anything about his martial arts training? his technique is fantastic, must have started training before he was conceived! LOL. Will you be putting a filmography onto your site? only knew of him doing babycart until i came here. Gotta go, take care. Tony (UK) ps. What does, 'sore ni mohitotsu' mean?


hi, great to see a site dovoted to a hero of mine.

do you know anything about wakayama's family background. ive been trying to gather info about his father, if im right (big if) his father was english and left japan before his birth. im not completely sure about this and would love some insight into his background.

ps. how many swordsman have you ever seen use two swords at once? an incredibly difficult thing to do!!

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